Recent research has shown that depression and stress can lead to lower productivity at work. Depression makes it more difficult for people to do their jobs and remain productive. This research confirms the importance of massage therapy to relieve depression. How can corporate massage help your business?

5 Surprising benefits of Corporate Massage

What are the benefits of corporate massage?

It’s obvious that businesses operate with stressed-out workers when 70% of respondents say that they are stress related to work.

According to research, stress can cause headaches, backaches and eye strain. It can also lead to neck pain, low resistance to infections, high bloodpressure, ulcers, heart disease, and other physical symptoms. Stress can also cause depression, anxiety and irritability.

This creates a bad work environment that results in poor financial statements and high turnover.

This is how you should look at it: It has been a long week. Your employees are working hard, often under great stress, trying to finish multiple projects on time. The hours they’ve been working at the office have left them exhausted and frustrated. For more details to visit 전주출장안마

You are showing your employees that you care and that you value them by offering a corporate massage. They begin their weekend by saying, “I worked very hard this week. My company noticed and I received a reward.” I love my job! They feel more energized, focused and productive the next week.

The following are some other benefits:

  1. Employee morale is higher
  2. Reduced overuse injuries
  3. Stress levels are low
  4. Fewer sick days taken
  5. Unique perk employees can brag about

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, companies that use corporate massage report increased energy and productivity in employees. They also reported fewer job-related injuries, a more productive office environment, and better ability to manage their workload.