An HR Glossary for HR Terms

An HR Glossary for HR Terms

What is an hourly employee?

Hourly employees are those who work for a fixed hourly wage. An hourly employee is paid a fixed wage and, if applicable, overtime compensation. Hourly employees usually receive time-and-a half for every hour worked over 40 hours per week.

What is an Hourly Employee?

An hourly employee is someone who gets paid according to how many hours they have worked.

Hourly employees receive a fixed hourly wage, while salaried workers are paid a flat salary regardless of how many hours they work. Hourly employees are not entitled to hourly pay for time that they haven’t worked.

Employers decide how many hours an hourly employee will work per week. Employees are required to record their work hours on a time card system. The employer approves the time card and it is sent to payroll.

What is the Hourly Pay for an Employee?

Hourly employees receive a fixed hourly rate that is multiplied by hours worked in a pay period. If an employee earns $15 per hour and works 20 hours during a pay period you multiply $15 by 20 to get $300.

The minimum wage for hourly workers in the United States must be at least the minimum wage. The minimum wage can be determined by state minimum wages laws.

The state minimum wages page of the U.S. Department of Labor contains a list of the minimum wages for each state. Visit the state labor office for more information about specific wages in each state.

What Hours of Work Can An Hourly Employee Do?

Federal law does not require hourly employees to work a certain number of hours. Hourly employees who work overtime are often required to be compensated for it. For each hour worked overtime, they are usually paid time-and a-half.

Are Hourly employees eligible for benefits?

Although benefit packages can vary between organizations, hourly employees working full time typically receive the same benefits that salaried employees. These benefits include arbeitszeit rechner, health insurance, life insurance, PTO, and paid time off.


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