MosaLingua Review: 5 Epic Features To Try!

MosaLingua Review: 5 Epic Features To Try!

Are you looking to learn new words and phrases every day? This Mosalingua review will explain what this learning tool is all for. It is the best app to help absolute beginners learn their target language. You should be looking for flashcard apps that offer a complete package with grammar and audio. MosaLingua will help you get the most out of your learning experience.

What is tickling your brain right now Are you looking to expand your business skills or explore a new hobby. What about learning a language? It’s great, but it can be overwhelming. Finding the right app to continue learning languages is the best way to learn them. This is very similar to the way we learn our first words as infants.

Research shows that babies can hear sounds even after they are born. This explains the early stages of neural development and how language acquisition works. This means that cognitive and linguistic skills are still in their early stages and can be exposed as a sponge to create new memories.

Adult learners find it more difficult to retain information. This could be due to cognitive decline, neuron cell reproduction problems, or other reasons. Online courses and language classes are the only way to remember a foreign phrase or word.

There are many online resources and reading materials available for any foreign language. These aren’t all worth your time and may not be as engaging as other learning apps.

MosaLingua seems to be a favorite among language learners. This app could be the best to learn languages. Let’s see if this app is right for you.

What is MosaLingua?

Flashcards are a popular method of learning languages today. They help you remember daily phrases. You can also watch videos online of memory gurus or polyglots who teach different ways to memorize languages.

Perhaps you have already read our MosaLingua vs. Babbel Review and are curious about how a flashcard application works. The MosaLingua App isn’t just another flashcard app, like Anki, because it has unique features that you have probably never seen before.

MosaLingua was founded in 2009 and has grown to more than 6 million learners in just a few short years. This app is truly immersive and flexible, unlike other language apps that were available at the time it was released. It can be accessed via your computer or mobile device.

Different backgrounds make up the MosaLingua community of learners. Despite this, many of the users are passionate language learners and professionals who can’t commit to learning much. This platform is great for people who are constantly on the move and have strict schedules. MosaLingua can be used for just a few seconds to teach you the basics of the language. This includes vocabulary, grammar and speaking.

What is it used for? MosaLingua allows you to quickly and continuously learn new words and phrases in your target language.

Who is MosaLingua for? This site is designed for serious language learners who want to learn grammar and have access to various resources to help them improve their language skills.

What is MosaLingua?

MosaLingua can be accessed via both the app as well as the web version. Sign up and become a MosaLingua member is easy. You can log in to the MosaLingua website using an email address, or a Facebook account. If you do not want to enter your email address, or log in with Facebook, you can choose to skip. You will lose any progress and certain features won’t be available if you choose to create a guest account.

Before you start your lessons in language, you will be shown how the web version and the mobile app work. You’ll then have seven tabs from which to choose your destination. Start your journey by clicking on Home, Apps or Videos.

To start your first language lesson as a beginner, click on the Lessons tab. First, you will need to choose the topics that interest you and then create a flashcard deck. There are no limits to the number of words or phrases you can memorize.

Once you have completed your vocabulary practice, add flashcards to your deck and continue this process repeatedly. You can also look at other resources such as videos on how to pronounce words or stories for intermediate to advanced learners.

MosaLingua User Interface and Design

Each app has its own version of MosaLingua. The standard web and mobile versions will be available, but you have the option to download the language-separate version. The most popular MosaLingua apps are MosaLingua English and MosaLingua Spain. There are also a few TOEFL-related apps to help you improve your English proficiency.

Each dashboard has everything you need to learn. You can start learning by clicking on the Learn tab. You can choose the categories on Explore. Progress will show you how many words have you learned so far and your current streak.

The app’s interface is cleaner than the web. The features are separated into tabs which can be useful if they’re not too confusing. MosaLingua’s inability to organize features is the problem. You may be annoyed by the slow response times, whether you are using the web or app version.

We’ll be discussing more of these issues as you continue to read about the gaps in MosaLingua.

Exciting MosaLingua Features For Mastering A New Language

It is important to identify the right techniques for you early on, especially if your goal is to be multilingual.

Keen on mastering your target language? Let’s see how the app works, and if it can really help you learn something other than your native language.

Use flashcards to learn vocabulary

MosaLingua is different from Anki and Duolingo. It has a page that’s solely for grammar. For anyone who is interested in learning more, it is important to read their best grammar lessons.

Flashcards can be created for each language. You can then decide how long you will continue learning them. Flashcards have been downloaded millions of times by users on mobile and browsers over the years.

An App for Your Prefered Language

Focus is essential in keeping your progression. It is important to keep your focus, especially if there are many language apps with too many features and benefits. The MosaLingua app offers several versions of the same language. This is a great option if you prefer a single track goal. You can learn Spanish, French and Italian separately.

6 MosaLearning Methods For Language Learning

Every person is different in how they process a new language. MosaLingua’s language learning platform is suitable for all types of learners, regardless of whether you’re a visual, auditory, spatial or other learner. MosaLingua is still implementing different approaches to benefit its subscribers.

Learn about the six MosaLearning Methods, which will improve your memory and long-term ability to learn a new language.

Spaced Repetition System

The Spaced Repetition System is one of the most popular memory optimization methods. This is a method of reviewing material (text, data, or visual objects). It is done at set times. It’s a great way to get your work done.

Mosalingua’s algorithm is based upon flashcards and repeated repetitions. You can be sure that the AI will track everything you do within the app. The platform can help you review words or learn phrases. Let’s say you are not sure if you understand a certain vocabulary. Mosalingua can help you in this situation by reminding you to click on the button that reminds you to review that word or phrase the next time you visit.

Active Recall

Instead of just memorizing all the information and then forgetting about it, you will actually be able to use them. Active recall allows users to retrieve information from the brain by reiterating similar questions. MosaLingua uses flashcards to immerse students in the word or phrase that they remember.


Learning a language is easier when you are able to evaluate your learning process. Linguists believe that nurturing the methods that work best for you will help you learn a language better. Metacognition is a term used to describe how your brain works, how it can retain long-term memories, and how you monitor, plan, and evaluate this. Fluent fluency will be achieved faster if you stick to your learning methods.

The Pareto Principle

The Pareto principle, which is similar to Metacognition encourages language learners to not cram too many information they won’t use in future. It doesn’t matter how many foreign words you use to improve your language skills. Focusing on common words and phrases daily will help you develop fluency faster than other methods. The Pareto Principle states that you should not wait to learn all words in the dictionary before you can start speaking.

Motivation and Psychology for Learners

Motivation is a key factor in skill building. It is not uncommon to quit halfway through your studies because of a lack of motivation. It is up to you to determine which systems are effective and which activities drain your desire to learn.

You should avoid distractions, fears, relying on translation tools such as Google Translate, over-perfection, and other things that can distract you from your motivation. These changes are not easy to make overnight. You can make great changes by being disciplined and changing your daily routine to be more productive.

The MosaLearning Method

The MosaLearning Method unites all these methods into one app. They are designed to make it easier to switch to other apps, and to improve. MosaLingua will help you fluently read, speak, listen, and write your target language.

Personalize and customize your flashcard deck

You can create your own set of words similar to Quizlet and Memrise. Start organizing the words and phrases that you wish to learn each day. You can choose from basic conversations, transportation and hobbies, socializing or basic discussions.

Has A Placement Test For Your Language Level

The level/placement test is a great way to get started with the Mosalingua App. It will help train the platform so that you can learn words appropriate for your proficiency level. We don’t want to be overwhelmed by learning complex vocabulary. You can also take your time to customize your learning experience by doing a self-evaluation about your goal for learning the target language.

You will be asked questions such as translating words and phrases, scribbling letters and compiling sentences. This is a great thing, as it reminds of the exact placement tests that language schools can provide before you begin the term.

What Does MosaLingua cost?

Mosalingua can be a very affordable option, especially for those who only want to learn one language. Subscriptions for each of the Mosalingua courses range from USD 4.99 up to USD 8.99. This isn’t a huge deal, as you only have to pay this monthly unlike other language learning apps. This is the only problem. You are not able to access all languages with other apps such as Duolingo or Memrise.

You will have to pay monthly for access to all available MosaLingua language. However, you won’t be able to have lifetime access to all languages. MosaLingua provides a free 15-day trial of MosaLingua Premium, which includes exclusive discounts for first-time users.

You can now avail premium subscriptions and plans as MosaLingua expands its product line. The MosaSeries can be purchased at $9.98 per monthly or $58.80 for six-months. The Masterclass series for MosaSpeak English’s MosaSpeak English is $147.00 for the MasterClass PLUS or $199.00 respectively.

MosaSpeak, which is $99.00, and MosaTraining, which ranges from $130.00- $300 for the complete product are two other great MosaLingua products.

Another wonderful news! MosaLingua offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are hesitant about signing up for MosaLingua Premium and paying, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

MosaLingua Pros

An All-In-One Dashboard For Your Grammar Lessons

Many language apps that allow users to create sentence patterns are able to take advantage of the fact that they can use example sentences. Language learning will be easier if you have a method to maintain engagement and establish these skills.

It is better to dedicate a page to teaching grammar rules. This gives you a better understanding of the examples sentences. Grammatical rules are helpful for someone who does not speak another language.

Their Learning Method is Scientifically Proven

MosaLingua’s research-based methodologies are one of its greatest achievements. MosaLingua is a platform and authority that focuses on cognitive science. They have been optimizing their resources and tools by using 6 MosaLearning methods that aid long-term memory and recall.

Include subtitles and transcripts on their videos

Today, only a handful of learning tools and resources offer videos that teach you how to speak and understand a foreign language. MosaVideos can help you learn more about the culture and cuisine of a country, or to improve your pronunciation. It is recommended that you watch the videos with subtitles first, and then gradually remove them as your language proficiency improves.

You can easily change your preferences and lessons

If you prefer MosaLingua’s official lessons or learning through MosaLingua resources, you can switch sessions. You’ll need to complete your lessons or your progress will be lost. You can also modify your preferences about which languages you will learn, and you can listen to or practice your pronunciation.

MosaLingua Cons

Limited Language Options

Many people believe that websites or apps with fewer languages mean that they are complete, from beginner to advanced. MosaLingua does not have enough grammar lessons or cards for advanced users. Other apps are more appealing because they offer many options, some with 50-100+ choices.

If the language you want to learn is not available, you can check out similar apps or contact the Mosalingua team to let them know.

This app is great for absolute beginners, but if you’re still not sure what language you should learn, it might be worth looking at.

Web Version Loads Slowly

An app’s user-friendliness, and interface design are two of the most important reasons people subscribe. MosaLingua is not up to the standards required by many apps.

MosaLingua’s slow loading speed is the first thing that I noticed. Even though I had an Android phone with advanced features, the app was slow to load and was clunky. The app’s user experience is what makes it exciting and enjoyable to use.

The web version isn’t comparable, as they both offer the same performance but aren’t as reassuring. If you are looking for MosaLingua alternatives, Duolingo and LingoDeer might be better than MosaLingua just for this feature. However, these apps may not have all the amazing features of MosaLingua. Both the web and app versions have the potential for improvement in future updates.

Many of their videos are unavailable

Contrary to what we have written about the benefits, many of MosaLingua videos are no longer available. An app can make its users stay longer by providing English or Spanish subtitles that can be easily changed.

MosaLingua’s videos are often removed or taken down from its website and mobile apps. You can also visit MosaLingua’s YouTube account to see more examples sentences, audio lessons and other information.

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Try MosaLingua Premium, no strings attached.

then the “Start my free trial” button

Audio files sound like it’s not from a native speaker

The lack of native audio pronunciation is another problem that plagues the app reviews for MosaLingua. Portuguese, which is the language I am currently learning, has many accents. I felt it was either a Portuguese (European) or Brazilian accent.

MosaLingua Review – Is it the Best Language Learning App?

We hope you are able to determine if Mosalingua is a useful language learning tool. You may find MosaLingua more useful than MosaLingua.

We believe that each app is unique and will not work for everyone. Some intermediate learners might say Mosalingua is good, while others feel that the flashcard deck in the app is too limited. Some may argue that the entire flashcard system is only for absolute beginners.

We are going to be honest with you: No platform or tool can make you fluent. You need all the resources available to you to make it happen. Mosalingua is a great supplemental app.

Mosalingua is a remarkable platform to learn a language for beginners. It is however expensive over the long-term, much like Rosetta Stone.

There is also a MosaLingua alternative that offers free content. It includes native speaker audio, research-backed learning, and even writing exercises. What app is it? Continue reading to learn more.

Learn a foreign language today with The Ling App

Learning is no longer a chore. You don’t have to use the same textbooks every day or make your own flashcards. Learning your target language is now much easier. There are tons of language learning apps that can be used to help people at all levels. There is an language learning app for everyone, whether you are a beginner, advanced learner, or a near native speaker.

You will need to search for an alternative to MosaLingua, since each app costs a lot. There is a free app you can download that will not only value your money, but also the quality and quantity of the lessons.


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