Procedure for buying a property in Bulgaria

Procedure for buying a property in Bulgaria


However, foreigners can buy property in Bulgaria under the law of Bulgaria. Any foreign legal or natural person can purchase apartments in Bulgaria. However, the apartments must not be located on the ideal land. The majority of apartments in Bulgaria for sale are without land. This means that you can buy an apartment in any country without restrictions.

You must be aware that land can’t be sold to foreigners when you buy a house with a yard or plot of land.

Important Notice: This rule is not applicable to legal or physical persons within the EU. They can buy houses in Bulgaria with gardens or regulated plots on their own. This applies to all plots within the zoning. Apartments with ideal land areas, offices, and other commercial properties are exempted from this restriction. Citizens of European Economic Area countries (EEA) are subject to the same regulations.

All other non-EEA or EU citizens, including the UK, are still able to purchase land in Bulgaria. They must register a Bulgarian business.


Browse our website to find the property/properties you are looking for. Contact the listing agent and they’ll help you with any questions you might have about buying property in Bulgaria. This will allow you to navigate the vast array of offers available on the site.

# Next, choose the date for your viewing trip in Bulgaria to see the properties that you have selected. We are always available to assist you in organizing your trip to Bulgaria.

We are able arrange virtual viewings online via Skype or other video chat services for your convenience. Request this service by contacting the agent.

# You will be met in Bulgaria by one of our colleagues. They will show you around the properties that you are interested in, answer all your questions, and help you make a decision.

Once you’ve made your decision, the buying process begins. These are the steps to follow:

1. The property must be reserved and removed from the market. The buyer must pay a deposit of 2,000 EUR after the unit has been selected. After that, the property will be marked as reserved and won’t be available for sale.
2 Within 30 days, a preliminary agreement is signed with the owner. This agreement sets out the conditions that will be copied to the Notary deed. These conditions include a description and price of the property and, for properties off-plan, the terms for finishing the property.
3 The Notary Deed (Title Deed), which is the legal document that certifies the owner of the property, is drawn up. The local notary public will prepare it in the presence of both the buyer and seller.
4 The notary public certifies and registers the deed with the Registry Agency. From that point, the ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer.
5 Only for legal people: A week after receiving the Notary Deed, bg houses for sale. A card will be issued to the legal person who is the property owner. It will include an EIK number that will allow you to account for all property-related issues. When the ownership has been transferred, the property is automatically registered in the tax office.


You must begin paying property taxes each year after you purchase a property in Bulgaria. Two property taxes are required: garbage collection and property tax. These are payable at the local municipality.

Your monthly utility bills will also need to be paid.

You will likely have to pay fees for security and management if you buy a property in a gated community. Maintenance fee. It is payable annually in most vacation communities and monthly in cities.


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