Rule 34 Grubhub Commercial – How One Viral Video Changed the Way We Order Food Online

Everyone has heard of the “rule of three”. But have you heard of Rule 34? It’s an internet maxim that states “if it exists, there is a porn for it.” Well, Grubhub took this to heart and created an amazing commercial with the same concept in mind. This ad is not only hilarious but also revolutionary in terms of how we order our food online. Let’s break down why this commercial was so successful!

The Concept Behind the Commercial

The concept behind the commercial was simple- if you can think of something that you want to eat, then you can get it delivered with Grubhub. The commercial uses a parody of the rule 34 maxim to showcase how amazing Grubhub’s selection is. It features a man who comes home after a long day at work and orders what he craves- ice cream sundaes, tacos, pizza, and more. No matter what he wants to eat that night, Grubhub can deliver it right to his door! Plus, they even make sure to mention the ability to order from over 200 different restaurants in your area so you never get bored!

The Humor Behind the Commercial

What really made this commercial stand out was its humor factor. The man in the commercial follows up each request for food with “Rule 34 says…” which helps drive home the idea that anything you could possibly want is available on Grubhub. He also makes some outlandish requests such as “hot dogs shaped like dinosaurs” or “a tower of pancakes that reaches into space” which always gets laughs from viewers! Plus, viewers are also entertained by seeing him order food while wearing animal onesies – a true sign that he just wants to relax at home with some delicious grub!


At its core, Rule 34 Grubhub Commercial is much more than just a funny video – it’s an example of how powerful marketing can be when done correctly. Not only does it show off all of the different foods available through Grubhub but it also piques viewers’ interest by being humorous and entertaining. With its mix of humor and information about ordering online through Grubhub, this commercial has become one of the most popular ads out there today and helped put GrubHub on top as one of America’s leading delivery services! So if you’re looking for dinner tonight or just want some entertainment during quarantine – check out Rule 34 GrubHub Commercial – it’s guaranteed to make you laugh!

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