The 10 Best Self Storage Tips You Need to Know in 2023

The 10 Best Self Storage Tips You Need to Know in 2023

Chapter 1 – What is Self Storage?

Before I get into the tips, let me first explain what self storage means.

You’ve probably heard the phrase before.

However, are you aware of what self storage is?

Self storage is shorthand for “self service storage” and is also known by the name “mini storage”. It is an industry that rents storage space to tenants on a temporary basis (often monthly). Individuals and businesses are self-storage tenants .”

Self storage is the act of temporarily storing items you don’t need or use.

To keep your items safe, you can rent storage space or a self storage unit.

Many storage facilities are available in large cities, such as London.

Here’s how the unit’s front looks like:

Here’s how the storage area looks from the inside.

Although there are many storage options and lots of storage space available, you won’t find the same experience with all of them.


Because not all storage companies will be able to meet your storage needs.

There are basically two types of storage.

Let me use a simple example to explain each one.

Let me first explain what short-term storage is.

Let’s assume you are a young professional who lives in Chelsea London.

Your company wants you to move to Paris for six months. (Not bad, right?)

You will need to move out of your 1-bed flat, and temporarily store your belongings until you return to London in three months.

It seems like the first thing you will do is to search online for a storage company.

After you have compiled a list, you will make a decision on the basis of:

Monthly rent (price).

Online reviews

An insurance policy

Storage needs in general

This article will help you to choose the right door to your storage unit.

It is important to make the right decision. You want your items to be in good shape when you return from your business trip.

This is an excellent example of short-term storage.

This should answer your question.

“What’s short term storage?”

Let me now explain long-term storage with a simple example.

Let’s say you and your wife live in an East London 2-bedroom apartment.

You may also be expecting a new family member.

To store extra items, you will need storage solutions.

How much space do you need?

Let’s say they take 12 sq. ft.:

You don’t know when your items will be available again.

It could be within one year, or it might be in two years.

This means you will need a long-term solution.

You want every inch of space for your new family member.

It’s your comfort that counts.

You decide to search online for storage solutions.

This is a typical example of long-term storage that meets a specific need.

There is a need for more space for a longer period.

This should answer your question.

“What’s long-term storage?”

Once you have an understanding of self storage, let me tell you about some situations where self storage may be necessary.

Chapter 2 – Why Do You Need Self Storage?

This chapter will discuss the main reasons you might need self-storage.

As I said,

Although there are many storage facilities available, not all will provide the same storage experience.

1 Temporary storage in between moves

This is a very common one.

This is temporary storage that you need to use when you move from one location to the next.

This type of storage can be extremely stressful.

Place items in stackable boxes

Make sure you properly pack fragile items

Take all of the heavy items from your previous house and lift them.

Locate a reliable storage company near your last home.

You can store items in your storage unit to maximize the space available.

Take steps to purchase your new home.

There are many things you can do.

You’ll be in an extremely difficult position unless you can find a storage solution.

Let’s get on to the next one.

2 Furniture storage

This one is simple.

Let’s suppose you have a lovely living room with:

One sofa

A table and chairs

There are a few more things.

You may also want to purchase new ones.

These are not old or obsolete.

All you need is a little change.

What do you do now?

Online, you can search for furniture Industrial Storage Solutions.

Between moves, you might also need to store furniture.

This is a combination between No.1 & No.2.

3) Storage for business reasons

This is an example for short-term storage.

It’s also similar to the one I mentioned earlier.

It’s quite simple:


For a set period, you must move to another country or city.

You can’t take everything with you

You will need a short-term storage solution.

This solution will take your items and return them to you when you are ready.

Let’s move onto the next one.

4) Additional storage space due to the addition of new members to the family

Another reason people need a storage company is because they are often in dire need of it.

Many young families live in 1-bed and 2-bed flats. They come to us because they need a storage unit to store their new family member.

People want to make the most of this occasion by releasing as much space as they can.

It’s also one of the main reasons you need self storage.

5) Decluttering

This is the final one.

What is decluttering? Google says:

Decluttering refers to the process of getting rid of old or unneeded items from your home or room.

Why is this important?

Because materialism is a dominant force in our modern lives.

We need to decrease it.

Many people seek our help when they are having trouble decluttering.

You now know the reasons someone might consider self-storage. I will share my top self-storage packing tips.

It’s worth it.

Chapter 3 – Self Storage Tips

This chapter will give you the best self-storage tips.

Let’s start.

1 Define the items you wish to store

This is my first tip.

It is important to define what items you wish to store.


Are you going to donate furniture or gardening tools?

No matter what it is, you will want to create a list of all the items you wish to store.

Because different items require a different storage unit.

You need to choose the right storage unit for you.

2 Define the item sizes you wish to store

This is the second.

It is important to calculate the dimensions of the items you wish to store.

Although you cannot be exact about the size, you must be as precise as you can.

It will do the job.

3 Be sure to know the nature of items you wish to store

Do you plan to store delicate items?

Fragile products?

Maybe you have any other items that need a certain amount of humidity?

You might need a climate-controlled storage facility in this case.

Perhaps you have something that needs to be kept at a certain temperature (e.g. books, clothes).

It is important to know what items you have stored with the storage company that you will be contacting.

Simply put, each item needs its own storage unit.

Keep in mind, however, that some items are not allowed to be stored self-storage.

Flammable, dangerous, or explosive goods, which includes liquids and chemicals, are not allowed.

Pollutants most likely to cause contamination

Live or dead animals, birds or fish, reptiles or plants, or any other living organism of any kind

Perishable or fragile items, or those that require a controlled environment (e.g. frozen or perishable foods)

Jewellery, ivory, watches and precious metals

Mobile phones, antiques, furs, fine art (or collections that are similar)

Perfumery, tobacco and cigars, cigarettes, beers. wines, spirits, and the like

Illegal or stolen drugs, illegal goods, and pornographic material

Money, bills, bullions and securities.

4) Select a self-storage company carefully

This is the most important.

A storage company must provide a great storage experience.

These are some of the things you should pay close attention to:

Cost of self storage: What’s the total cost?

Storage facilities: Are they secure? Is there 24-hour surveillance?

What sizes and types of storage units are available?

Discounts: Do you get a discount if more items are stored in the storage unit

Storage Insurance: What’s the insurance policy? Is insurance included in the cost?

I’m sure you’re wondering:

It is simple: You need to know what you want and what your standards.

I’m sure you will find the storage solution that meets your needs.

5 – All the necessary packing materials

You should have all necessary packing materials.

Storage boxes

Bubble wrap,

Dust sheets

When storing items in a storage unit, I strongly recommend that you DO NOT use plastic bags.

They are not the best way to protect your belongings.

They could cause damage to your items.

The question is: Is it okay to store items inside plastic bags?

You can use stack boxes instead.

6) Use the identical size stack boxes

I recommend using one size storage box.


This will make it easier to stack and organize your boxes in the storage unit.

You don’t want your storage space to look like this, either.

When it comes to storage boxes, make sure they are the same size.

7) Do not place heavy items together

People tend to stack heavier items together, resulting in heavy boxes.

This is a bad practice.

It is important to choose boxes that are not too heavy or too light.

Mixing heavy and lightweight items will ensure that every box is (almost) equal in weight.

Does that sound good?

Let’s move onto the next one.

8 Don’t take up all the space in your storage unit

It is best to not use every inch of storage space.

Two reasons are the main reason I recommend it:

You must be able walk through the boxes.

You should leave enough space for future storage.

Simply put, you might need more storage in the near future.

Why rent a storage unit when you could use the one that you already own?

Let’s get to the important tip.

9) Place larger items first

This is a good practice to remember.

Place larger items towards the rear of the unit.

You’ll have more storage space for small items at the front.

That’s it. Easy, right?

10 – Place heavy items at bottom of storage unit

You’ve probably stored heavy items in a storage unit, or in a general warehouse.

It is logical, doesn’t it?

Your stack will be more stable if you place heavy items at its bottom and at the back.


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