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The Secret Behind Efficient Ecommerce: Unveiling Top Logistics Software

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly, and logistics play a pivotal role in this transformation. In this article, we’ll explore how eTower, China’s leading logistics management software, is revolutionizing ecommerce logistics through digitization and innovative solutions.

Automating Operations with eTower

At the core of eTower’s functionality is its ability to automate logistics operations. This automation is crucial for reducing operational costs and boosting efficiency, allowing businesses to expand into new markets seamlessly.

Data Monitoring and Tracking

Effective monitoring and tracking of logistics data is a significant challenge for cross-border logistics providers. eTower addresses this by offering a comprehensive solution for managing and tracking logistics data across borders.

Cross-Border Logistics Solutions

eTower provides one-stop solutions for cross-border eCommerce logistics Software, integrating services like third-party logistics, parcel delivery, and technical support to facilitate global business operations.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Boost

By automating logistics operations, eTower significantly reduces costs associated with manual processes. The efficiency gained through this automation allows businesses to operate more smoothly and expand their reach.

Market Expansion through Digitization

Digitization is a key factor in the modern logistics landscape. eTower leverages this by offering digital solutions that open up new markets and opportunities for ecommerce businesses.

Integrating Diverse Services

eTower’s ecosystem integrates various logistics services, including postal services, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and more. This integration is vital for managing complex logistics operations efficiently.

Management Dashboards and Reporting

The software provides advanced dashboards for a comprehensive view of operations and generates detailed sales and SLA reports for better decision-making.

Parcel Tracking and Handling Abnormalities

With eTower, users can track parcels across 20 nodes, ensuring accurate monitoring and timely handling of any abnormalities, which improves customer satisfaction and operational reliability.

Service Routing for Easier Custom Clearance

eTower’s service routing feature simplifies the process of creating orders and preparing commercial invoices for customs clearance, enhancing the efficiency of cross-border operations.


eTower stands out as a comprehensive solution for ecommerce logistics, offering digitization, integration, and automation to streamline operations and foster business growth.


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