Understanding Art Deco Furniture

Understanding Art Deco Furniture

Are you a fan of art deco furniture? Check out our amazing furniture selection. You will find unique pieces that will bring style and luxury to your home. Our knowledgeable and friendly showroom staff is happy to help you find the right item for you.

What is Art Deco Furniture?

The term “Art Deco”, is abbreviated for Arts Decoratifs. It is derived from the 1925 Paris exhibition which showcased this new style. Artdeco furniture has symmetrical, straight lines. It blends traditional craftsmanship with modern machinery, materials. Its beauty lies within the rich and exotic materials used as well as its exquisite designs. This luxury furniture style was created by wealthy designers who wanted to create their own line.

3 Art Deco Design Tips

  •  Use bold colors and geometric patterns: The art deco style features bold colours and patterns. This could be wall colour or a geometric-patterned wall paper. For others, it could also refer to furniture with unique shapes. For a focal wall, you can opt for a large piece of artwork or a patterned rug. The dominant colours are black and green.
  • Use different materials: Art deco interiors feature non-traditional materials like metals, stainless and steels as well as ebony, plastic, and marble. Art deco furniture also includes leather and lacquer. Metallic finishes are best with clean lines and ornate detailing.
  • Be aware of lighting: Art deco lighting is glamorous, which some might argue borders on being too loud. However, it has an air of elegance. Art deco furniture and accessories are beautiful because they have lots of natural light.

To find original art deco furniture, visit the The furniture rooms Furniture Store. These unique pieces will bring style and glamour to any room in your home.

The furniture rooms has authentic Art Deco pieces

For true Art deco furniture, visit the The furniture rooms showroom in Toronto. We have been creating extraordinary pieces for home decor throughout Toronto and the rest of the world for over 30 years. Our white glove delivery service will safely deliver your selections to wherever you need them. You will be inspired by our exciting displays. We can offer new products on a regular basis through periodic shipments.


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