10 Advantages Of Packaging Machines For Manufacturers

10 Advantages Of Packaging Machines For Manufacturers

While most manufacturing companies are aware of the benefits of automating the packaging process, some may not be as keen due to the initial investment. It is easy to understand why companies need to weigh the benefits and risks of every large investment. This article will help you make a decision and discuss the main advantages of packaging machinery.

  1. Increase Demand More Easily

Rising demand can be taken as a sign your business is doing well. You can expect to make more profit if you have satisfied customers. As any production manager can attest, increasing demand can cause problems for your company if you don’t have the resources to meet it.

If you compromise accuracy in order to save money, there are many things that can go wrong. Retailers may consider moving to other locations if your business is unable to keep up with demand. A company might invest in training temporary staff, only to lose them to a happy competitor.

Automating can be a great way to increase production, especially if growth is anticipated and packaging machines are easily upgradeable. XTIME can help you buy additional filling machines to increase your output without sacrificing quality.

  1. Lower Labour Costs

Labour is expensive for most businesses. This is especially true when you consider payroll tax, holiday pay and sick pay, as well as training and superannuation. Profits can be reduced by hiring more employees for future growth. What happens if a company needs to pay employees to work in between product runs or offer higher rates for unsociable shifts?

Because only a few people are required to operate Packaging Machines Manufacturers, they can be paid for. The business doesn’t have to think about shifting and can assign employees to more productive roles that add value such as customer service, management and maintenance. Packaging automation not only reduces costs, but also increases quality and production.

  1. Reduce Waste And Product Rejection

Humans make mistakes, which can lead to more waste, such as overfilling containers or damaging products. This can lead to significant profits loss over time.

High accuracy liquid filling machines fill products with low wasteful overfilling or underfilling. This can lead to product rejections and even legal action by regulators. Wrapping machines require less consumables while automated caps tightening machines produce fewer defective caps that could cause leakage or spoilage. Automation makes quality control much simpler.

  1. Better Quality Assurance

Humans are naturally inconsistent. Overfilling containers can damage packaging, cause damage to the labels, and don’t secure caps properly. Businesses end up hiring additional staff to ensure quality and to track down recurring issues to determine if training is needed.

Automation delivers consistent results and machine performance does not decrease due to boredom or tiredness, so quality assurance is much easier.

  1. Higher Production Speeds/Improved Efficiency

One of the major reasons to invest in packaging machines is their ability to increase production speeds, lower costs, and improve efficiency. It is also easier to scale up or down production as the demand changes.

A packaging machine by itself will not always increase speed or efficiency. Businesses may have to evaluate their entire production process. However, the right machine that is used in the right production process can be very cost-effective.

  1. Reduce Injuries and Improve Health Safety

People can become mentally tired from repetitive jobs, which can lead to repetitive strain injuries or accidents. This can lead to moral problems, as well as time off work, sick wages, or compensation if a tribunal finds the company negligent.

Automation automates repetitive tasks, reduces heavy lifting and increases productivity. This can help to reduce injury and accidents.

  1. Stay Competitive

One reality of packaging is that companies are increasingly investing in automation, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, where countries such as South Korea, Japan, and China are advancing.

The question is changing. It’s not about whether or not a company should invest into packaging technology. But, it is about “how”. Companies must now ask themselves how they can invest. Failure to do so could make them less competitive in the future.

A business without automation may have lower productivity than its competitors and be more difficult to adapt to changes in the market. Automated packaging systems can not only give businesses an advantage , but also help them survive.

  1. Worker Freedom from Repetitive Jobs

People don’t enjoy repetitive work and are more inclined to seek out something more rewarding. Businesses can lose profits by paying for repetitive tasks and wages. However, the same wages could be used to support someone in a more productive job.

Automation can help workers avoid monotony and make them more fulfilled in customer support, supervisors, machine operation, and IT. This will result in lower turnover, more employees who enjoy their jobs and allow for personal growth.

  1. Better social distancing

Businesses around the globe have had to adjust to COVID-19’s new work practices. This includes supporting social distancing. Production has been affected by the inability to space employees across many industries. Filling and Packaging machines are easier to maintain social distancing and increase production speed because there are fewer workers on the shop floor. It is now that COVID-19 uncertainty, particularly in Australia, has made it a time for new ideas and upgrades.

  1. Better Use Of Floor Space

Costs of floor space are high. As production increases, you will need to lease more space or extend facilities. This can lead to higher business rates. Automated packaging systems are a great option if you need to increase production but have limited space.

Automation requires planning. XTIME Machinery has the experience and expertise to help you plan. We have extensive experience in many business sectors and can help you design the perfect system right from the beginning. We consider your space and use a variety of machines including conveyors and accumulating table.


These benefits have provided insight into how packaging machines could support your business in the future. You can determine how automation can help your business reap the benefits.


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