10 Things you Should Know Before Buying a Maltese

10 Things you Should Know Before Buying a Maltese

The Maltese dog is one of sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. It’s adorable, small and so beautiful that you’d want to bring them all home. While this is admirable and noble, you cannot take all dogs home. You shouldn’t take a Maltese with you until you have a thorough understanding of the breed, what you can expect once you bring your dog home, and how life will be as a Maltese owner.

Others are considering a Maltese for their first pet. This sweet pup is a wonderful first dog. However, we’ll be honest with you and say that it’s not a good idea to get one before you’ve educated yourself about the Maltese.

We’ve decided to simplify the process for you by giving you some useful information. You will be better prepared for a dog if you are more informed. Maltese for sale near me, here’s everything you need to learn about it.

  1. This is a commitment

The Maltese is a dog that can live for a very long time. In average, they can live more than 10 years. You will have to prepare yourself to own a dog who is going to stay with you for many years. It is the most important fact you should know about this dog breed. You will have to take care of it the rest its life. You should also be aware that because this breed is so small, it should always be kept inside.

  1. Teacup Maltese Puppies Aren’t “Real”.

This is a term you will hear and should avoid. These are Maltese puppies for sale that are smaller than the average Maltese and will weigh less than four pounds. It sounds cute and small. It’s not the best idea. This is not a good idea. You’ll be introducing yourself to a new world of problems. It’s illegal to breed and create them, which is dangerous and a bad idea.

  1. Smaller Pups Have Bigger Health Issues

People are always fascinated by the idea of a “teacup” Maltese. The Maltese may be small and cute, but are a bunch of health problems and not a good dog to own. Because they’re not properly cared for and bred, they tend to become very sick. Stay away.

  1. Vet information is essential

It is illegal to bring home a Maltese dog without first getting the information from the veterinarian that the dog visited. This information is important whether you are looking at a young puppy or an adult dog. This breed is generally healthy, but you should make sure it doesn’t have any genetic problems from its parents.

  1. Personality

This is a sweet and loving dog. You need to be aware of this information because you want to know what you can expect from your dog. It is energetic and affectionate. It enjoys spending time with its owners and being the center of attention. It is not a noisy dog or a yappy dog. But it is very friendly.

  1. This Breed is not afraid of anything

These dogs are fearless. You will need to be careful if this dog is taken outside. Even if it is only for 10 minutes, you should still supervise the dog. It is fearless and will walk right up to anything, including a skunk, a coyote or stranger. It is a very brave dog.

  1. Grooming is important

The coat of Maltese dogs is long and beautiful. This is one of the reasons people love these dogs so much. You do need to be careful with the grooming. You cannot ignore this dog. You should brush it every day and take him to the groomer often for trimmings. This breed will mat easily and knot so it is important to groom at home.

  1. Exercise is Popular with People

According to the American Kennel Club, it’s a medium-energy dog. This is a dog that loves to be outdoors and to exercise. Take your dog out for a short walk at least once a day and let him run around in the yard to burn some energy.

  1. Lap Dogs are lap dogs

The Maltese weighs around 7 pounds and is a lapdog. This is the perfect breed for someone who wants a small, close-to-you dog. This breed will not want to be away from you and will often want you to come home. It’s not that you can’t go out and have fun or work, but you’ll need to keep your dog occupied so it doesn’t get bored.

  1. It’s Good for Kids

They are gentle dogs that have a sweet disposition. At first, they may be a bit overly excited. They do love children. They will relax a little bit after a few moments of getting used to kids. As always, it is recommended that you never leave a dog alone with children. This is the most safest and easiest way for kids to be with dogs.


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