Cantilever Shelving: Here’s What You Need to Know

Cantilever Shelving: Here’s What You Need to Know

Special shelving is necessary for long and bulky items such as lumber, wood veneer sheets or plywood. Are you looking for pipe racks? Lumber rack What’s in the name? Cantilever shelving is what you need. You’re here to answer all your questions about Single sided Cantilever rack. This article will discuss what cantilever shelving looks like, how to use it, permit issues and ways you could save money by purchasing used racks.

What is Cantilever Shelving and how does it work?

Cantilever shelving is a type of cantilever rack that stores long, bulky or awkward materials. Cantilever racks are not restricted by vertical obstructions. This allows you to load your product using a forklift and without any restrictions.

The following components make up a cantilever rack:

Bases which anchor the rack system to a floor and connect to its upright, serve as the main stabilizing element.

Upright columns which connect to the base. Cantilever uprights are designed with holes through which cantilever arms can be connected in order to create storage levels. You can use uprights for either single or double-sided units.

Arms which connect to the uprights are used for product storage. Cantilever arms are used as “shelves”.

Braces are horizontal and diagonal supports that help stabilize the upright columns. Cantilever bracing holds the uprights together and gives structural support.

Decking provides a solid shelf to the cantilever storage arm when required.

Structural Cantilever Rack

A hot-rolled structural rack can be made from structural steel. This rack is capable of supporting high loads and can withstand more severe conditions than a standard roll-formed one. A structural rack requires more work to install than a roll-formed and is therefore more costly. It is also more durable and requires less maintenance.

Roll-formed Cantilever Rack

Cold roll-formed steel makes a roll-formed rack. This rack is lighter in gauge and has boltless beam pin connectors. It is therefore cheaper and easier to put up than a structural one. Roll-formed racks are lighter and more susceptible to forklift impact than the structural racks.

Are cantilever shelves really necessary?

A cantilever rack system is best for materials that are too large or heavy to fit on a standard pallet rack. These racks can be used for lumber or pipes. Cantilever racks with shelves are also popular for furniture storage.

Cantilever racks can hold heavy materials so they are made with weight in mind. Cantilever arms can hold between 1,500 and 5,000 pounds per arm. Some cantilever arms can support up to 18,000 pounds. Most racks have a weight capacity of around 13,000 pounds per side. Make sure you weigh your materials carefully before ordering a rack.

You should also consider the height of your racks as well as the amount of vertical space in your warehouse. Cantilever racks are typically between 6 and 30 feet high. Most racks are between 12 and 16 feet tall.

Cantilever racks can also be single-sided or two-sided. A single-sided cantilever rack provides storage and is often placed against a warehouse wall. A double-sided rack can be accessed from both sides. This rack can store more product but requires more space.

A rack designed for one-sided use should not be used as a double-sided rack. This can be dangerous. Stop pins are another safety measure. A stop pin is essential if you store a heavy load that is likely to roll.

What about seismic permitting and testing?

Warehouses can be seriously damaged by earthquakes if they aren’t constructed and designed to withstand the effects of seismic activity. Many regulations, both national and local, require that you obtain a permit to use cantilever racks in your business. You may need to show proof of seismic testing if you live in an area of seismic activity.

The Building Seismic Safety Council ( FEMA) states that the seismic design of new warehouse stores includes both buildings and storage racks. This is determined by the building code applicable to the area where the store is constructed.

It can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to have your racks seismically tested after they are in place. Before you buy any cantilever racks, whether new or used, we strongly recommend you inquire about seismic testing. SpeedRack West’s team is familiar with the permitting process and can help you navigate the legal steps so that you don’t worry about getting shut down.

Are there any used cantilever racks I can buy?

Yes. We caution you to only work with a reputable company. You could end up with a racking system without seismic testing or previous impact damage. Untrained eyes may not be able to see all rack damage. It is important to be aware of the warning signs.

Speedrack West carefully inspects all used Industrial Racking & Shelving and cantilever racks we purchase to ensure that we only sell high-quality materials. We also verify seismic testing. We stand behind any product that bears our name, whether it is new or used.

Speedrack West is a business that can help you understand your storage requirements and permit issues.

We will only offer the best quality materials, no matter if you’re looking for used or new cantilever shelves. We will help you select the best racks for you and your space requirements, and guide you through the permitting process.


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