What Is CJ on 32s?

If you’re a car enthusiast, you may have heard the term ‘CJ on 32s.’ This phrase is often used in the automotive community to refer to a vehicle with a combination of specific modifications. CJ on 32s refers to an old Jeep Wrangler (also known as a CJ) with oversized tires and wheels that are 32 inches in diameter. This modification can make the vehicle more capable off-road and give it a rugged, unique look. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into making this modification happen.

The Process

When you choose to modify your Jeep Wrangler with CJ on 32s, the process begins by replacing the factory tires and wheels with aftermarket ones that are larger in size. The replacement tires should be 33-inch or larger and designed for off-roading, as they will provide better traction and stability when traversing over difficult terrain. The wheels should be sized accordingly; typically 15 or 16 inches in diameter as they will accommodate the larger tires without rubbing against other components like suspension arms or fenders. You’ll also need to raise your Jeep’s suspension by either installing taller springs or adding an aftermarket lift kit, depending on how much clearance you want from the ground.

Benefits of CJ on 32s

One of the main benefits of CJ on 32s is improved off-roading performance thanks to the increased ground clearance and improved traction provided by the larger tires and suspension lift. Additionally, having larger tire/wheel combos can improve overall traction significantly because more rubber is making contact with uneven surfaces like sand or mud. This makes it easier for your Jeep to get through any tough terrain without getting stuck. Furthermore, this modification adds an aggressive aesthetic that can make your Wrangler stand out from other Jeeps you might see around town!


Overall, modifying your Jeep Wrangler with CJ on 32s can bring many benefits to both its performance and looks. Not only will it become more capable off-road due to increased ground clearance and improved traction, but also stand out aesthetically thanks to its large tires and wheels! If you’re looking for something special for your ride, then consider giving your Jeep some CJ on 32s love!

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