Ramen Reimagined: Best Ramen Spots in Melbourne

Ramen Reimagined: Best Ramen Spots in Melbourne

If you’re a ramen enthusiast residing in Melbourne or planning to visit this vibrant Australian city, you’re in for a treat. Melbourne boasts a diverse culinary scene, and its love for Japanese cuisine is no exception. In this article, we’ll embark on a flavorful journey to discover the best ramen spots in Melbourne, ranging from classic Tonkotsu to unique cold ramen and tsukemen. So, grab your chopsticks and get ready to satisfy your noodle cravings.

The Ramen Sensation at Mr. Ramen San

Unveiling Melbourne’s Best Ramen

When it comes to finding the top ramen in Melbourne, Mr. Ramen San reigns supreme. Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling CBD, this gem offers an authentic taste of Japan, specifically from Hakata, the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen. What sets Mr. Ramen San apart is its dedication to the art of ramen-making and a commitment to quality that’s second to none.

Crafting Ramen Masterpieces

The secret to Mr. Ramen San’s success lies in their meticulous ramen-making process. Unlike other ramen joints, they make their noodles fresh daily, ensuring a delightful texture that perfectly complements their rich broths. Speaking of broths, their Kyushu Tonkotsu ramen boasts a cloudy white-colored broth that’s both hearty and creamy. It’s created by boiling pork bones and collagen over high heat for countless hours, resulting in a broth bursting with flavor.

Charred to Perfection

The heavenly match to their ramen noodles is the charred pork (charsu), slow-cooked until it nearly melts in your mouth. This melt-in-your-mouth perfection pairs beautifully with their impeccably cooked eggs, featuring a slightly runny yolk in the center. Whether you prefer dipping them into your ramen soup or savoring them as a standalone dish, these charred pork and eggs are an absolute delight.

Quality Matters

Mr Ramen San takes pride in sourcing top-quality ingredients, emphasizing local and organic products. Their menu is a dynamic canvas that occasionally showcases special dishes, offering a delightful mix of new and signature options. For vegetarians, there’s a dedicated menu that includes a vegetarian charsu ramen, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the ramen experience.

The Ramen Revolution: Melbourne’s Ramen Scene

Tonkotsu Triumph

In Melbourne, Tonkotsu reigns supreme, and you can find this creamy, pork-based broth in various ramen establishments across the city. Each eatery adds its unique twist to this classic, making it a must-try for any ramen aficionado.

Exploring Cold Ramen

For those seeking something refreshing and different, Melbourne offers cold ramen options. These are perfect for hot summer days when you crave the flavors of ramen without the heat. Be sure to explore this unique spin on traditional ramen.

Tsukemen: Dipping Delights

Tsukemen, a style of ramen where you dip the noodles into a concentrated broth, has gained popularity in Melbourne. The separation of broth and noodles provides a different eating experience, and you’ll find it at select ramen spots in the city.


Melbourne’s ramen scene is a vibrant and ever-evolving one, offering a range of options to cater to every palate. Whether you’re a die-hard Tonkotsu fan or looking to try something unconventional like cold ramen or tsukemen, Melbourne’s ramen joints have you covered. Mr. Ramen San stands out as the pinnacle of ramen perfection in the city, with its commitment to authenticity and quality. So, next time you’re in Melbourne, make sure to slurp up a bowl of this Japanese comfort food.


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