Search engines account for nearly 93% web traffic. You must be indexed by major search engines and highly ranked to ensure your website is found. Here are some other facts about Google search engines and Google in general.

75% of searchers will not click beyond the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Google processes more than 5.8B searches/day.

Google processes more than 2T searches per year.

The average. The click-rate for position 1 in search results pages is 19.3%, while position 2 is 10.57%.

Between 16-20% are new searches every year. They are new and have never been searched before.

60% of Google search results are made on mobile devices.

Google holds 95% of the U.S. mobile search engine market

Location-related searches account for 33% of all mobile Google search queries.

50% of “near me”, queries lead to a store visit.

75% of Google search results for food are made on mobile devices.

46% of product search results start on Google.

Google holds 92% of the market for search engines.

You could easily set up your site and expect traffic to come to it. There are likely to be many websites that focus on the same topics and themes as yours. The search engines decide which websites they will list in search results for any given query. SEO best practices must be implemented to ensure that your website is able to capture web traffic from search engines for relevant search queries.

What SEO Ranking Factors Are Important in 2020?

SEO is essential to drive search engine traffic to your website. How does a search engine rank websites? This is a complex question because there are many ranking factors. However, we have selected the most important for you.


Content is the king of SEO Tauranga. Search engines aim to provide users with the most relevant information to their queries at the lowest level. Wikipedia articles are often highly ranked because they are trustworthy and comprehensive. Search engines will examine the page’s content and the freshness of it, then use sophisticated algorithms to determine if the content matches the searcher. Let’s say you own a website selling coffee mugs in all shapes and sizes. Your website should be clear about coffee mugs. You could have mug product pages. But also information about the history and making of coffee mugs. The foundation of driving organic traffic to your website is content.


Even though you may have the best content, poor user experience will cause users to leave your site and not return. Search engines avoid this and rank websites that offer a great user experience higher. What makes a great user experience?

Fast page speed

Mobile-friendly Website

Navigation seamless

No pop-up messages

Your site must be easy to navigate and consume by users. Mobile devices now account for a large portion of web traffic.

Google will roll out an update to its algorithm in 2021 that is based on user experiences. This overlooked aspect of web development is set to gain a lot more importance. According to Google:

The page experience indicator measures how users feel about the interaction with a website page. These factors can be optimized to make the web more enjoyable for all web browsers and surfaces. It also helps sites develop towards mobile user expectations. This will help web businesses succeed as users become more engaged and can transact without friction.


There are some overlaps with technical ranking factors and user experience. These include web development best practice to improve page speed, as well as meta data optimization and considerations for web architecture. Meta data optimizations can improve click-rates, image ranking, and even surface your content in voice searches.


As clues to content search engines, behavioral data is also used. These data could include click rates for a particular query or the speed at which a user hits back after clicking on a result. These ranking factors may not always be transparent so web professionals will need to rely on the subtle clues search engines leave or feedback provided by search engine employees and experts.


Any link that points back to your page is a backlink. Search engines consider how many links point at a page and what site they are pointing to. People will link to you if they find your content to be valuable and trustworthy. Search engines consider the quality of links when determining the value of a link. They are not all created equal. For example, if your sports blog links to ESPN, the search engine will consider your content highly authoritative and relevant. But if your friend has a recipe blog linking to you, it won’t be as important. Even though your friend may!

This ranking signal was abused by websites that took advantage of the algorithms in the past. Search engines introduced updates to improve search results integrity. Backlinks are a promise made by vendors. Make sure to verify their authenticity and methods.

Why are SEO Services Important?

It is tempting to do your own search engine optimization and bypass the professionals. If you are in a competitive field, however, it may be difficult to make a successful search engine optimization on your own. A law firm might want to rank high for keywords like “lawyers near me” and “contract lawyer”. There may be many law companies competing for visibility, and it can be very difficult to rank higher than competitors without having expert knowledge and experience.

The time and breadth required to carry out SEO consistently and successfully is another consideration. An SEO program that is successful requires the use of many skills, including:




Content development

Creative design

Web strategy




It can also be difficult to find and keep media contacts or partnerships with authoritative outlets. These contacts are crucial when you want to build authority and trust. It doesn’t make sense to a business for them to do anything outside their core business.

What are the types of SEO services available?

There are many SEO services that can be used to help your business. Let’s take a look at what a comprehensive SEO program looks.


Finding the right place to start your SEO program can be difficult. It all comes down to your goals. Your goal might be to raise awareness and drive traffic to your product pages if you offer a SaaS solution within a specific niche. If you are a publisher, your goal might be to improve rankings and traffic for local search queries. Experienced SEO professionals will help you navigate this process and steer your program in the right direction.


SEO site audits examine all technical aspects of your website that could affect how search engines may rate your page. It all boils down to the website’s:

Crawlability: Does a search engine crawler be able to find and access your site’s content?

Indexability: Are you indexed by search engines?

User Experience: Does your site load quickly on all devices? Are pop-ups present?

Site audits include a crawl of your website and code analysis. Site audits can often yield thousands of actions-items. SEO specialists can help you choose the right ones.


It is important to match your business offerings with the search terms people use in search engines. A deep understanding of your business is required for keyword strategy services. This includes analysis of keyword volume trends and competitive analysis. Prioritization is also included. The final result is a targeted keyword strategy, which provides the foundation for SEO success.


Your website will be regarded as an authority if it has high-quality content. This is essential to increase organic traffic and improve your rankings. The content strategy usually takes into account your keyword strategy and includes an analysis of the content gap. You may not have the quality content required to rank high for your targeted keywords. You can get a roadmap to better rankings by conducting a content analysis and strategizing.


These services will optimize your content for keywords and other themes that you want to rank for. These actions include updating the title, adding targeted keywords to the body copy, using engaging images and optimizing pages for engagement.


Rankings can also be affected by factors outside your website. These factors include backlinks from trusted websites, Google Business optimizations and reputation management. Off-site optimization can help you increase your content quality and eventually improve search engine traffic.


You will not see the full effect of your efforts without reporting. SEO professionals continuously monitor keywords rankings, organic site traffic and search trends. They also perform diagnostic tests and run reports to learn about the impact of their SEO efforts. This is a lot of work and not all tools are equal. Working with experts in this field can help you save time and money.


Many agencies offer ongoing support for websites to help implement SEO recommendations. Website support is a great way to save your life.


Sometimes, it is not enough to see your website rank higher in search engines and get more traffic. To stay ahead of your competitors, you may want to also monitor their performance. Competitor SEO analysis shows you how your competitors rank over time, along with key performance indicators (KPIs) such as backlinks and domain authority. Increased competition could indicate that additional SEO and content investments are needed.


High-quality content is valued by search engines and users, but it’s possible that you don’t have the resources to produce content on a large scale. Search engine optimization services can help you create content that is based on your keyword strategy and keyword. To ensure that it stays relevant and fresh, it is also optimized on an ongoing basis.


SEO Services Tauranga cost will depend on the needs of your business and the experience of the SEO professionals. Although freelancers are usually the most affordable, you might not receive the quality that you require unless you have met them or provided references. Pay attention to freelancers that charge low hourly rates (e.g. $10-$20/hr.) They are more likely to offer a low-quality service. You can also hire an agency or SEO consultant to provide your SEO services. These agencies typically charge between $100-$300 per hour. They are more likely to offer high-quality services, but they charge more. To get a better understanding of the capabilities of a provider, we recommend that you review their past work and case studies.

Fixed-cost plans are offered by some providers to guarantee a predictable monthly cost. Many people need to plan ahead and plan for their expenses months in advance. These packages do not require customers to pay hundreds of dollars per month for expensive SEO tools.


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