Struggling with Obesity? 3 Weight Loss Surgeries to Consider

Struggling with Obesity? 3 Weight Loss Surgeries to Consider

Do you feel too heavy to chase the children and give them a hug while they play? Maybe you are tired of getting sideways glances from the public.

We are obsessed with having well-shaped bodies. You may feel anxious or depressed if you are different.

We know that not all diets work. Dexter Turn quest MD, FACS and Victoria Chang MD are board-certified bariatric doctors. They perform many weight loss procedures in addition to revisions.

You will likely choose one of these options. Each procedure has its advantages.

Lap band

This procedure’s name is perfect. To reduce the size of your stomach by approximately two-thirds, we place a silicone band around your upper stomach.

The quickest recovery time for best weight loss surgery is with lap band surgery. This surgery can be done outpatient in as little as 30-60 minutes. Most patients return to work within a week.

What is the tradeoff? The tradeoff? You may lose weight but not as much as you would with other surgical procedures.

You may be eligible for weight reduction surgery depending on your health factors. If your body mass (BMI) is greater than 35, or 30 if you have obesity-related complications such as diabetes, heart disease, or both, then you are generally eligible. Healthy BMI ranges from 18.5 to 25.

A large study showed that patients who had lap band surgery were able to lower their BMI by around 8 points. This is the average maximum. Lap band surgery can help you reach the ideal weight.

You won’t be allowed to eat normal food until six weeks after surgery. This may be an option if you believe you will be able control your cravings in future.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass

Gastric bypass is performed via laparoscopy and creates a pouch which acts as your stomach. It is approximately the same size as a lemon. It attaches to your small intestine directly, bypassing all other parts of your stomach.

We also bypass the part of your small intestine that is responsible for food absorption. This results in weight loss.

You lose weight rapidly. Patients lose an average of 60-80% excess fat within 12-18 months. This procedure is known to lower your BMI by approximately 14.8. This is the maximum weight loss. The average recovery time is between two to four weeks.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve, a relatively new procedure, is the most sought-after weight loss option today. This surgery removes approximately 80% of your stomach. The “sleeve”, or long, thin pouch that remains, is what you will see.

With a reduced appetite, you feel full quickly. This allows you to control how much food and how often you eat. The gastric sleeve procedure is similar to the bypass in terms of weight loss.


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