Uppababy Vista Stroller: Most Honest Review (& Why I Ended Up Selling Mine)

Uppababy Vista Stroller: Most Honest Review (& Why I Ended Up Selling Mine)

Before having my first baby, I thought a stroller was just that. When I began to research, I discovered that there are many factors involved in choosing the perfect stroller.

I spent hours researching the best strollers and was shocked at how much they cost.

We moved from the US to Italy during pregnancy, so we had the opportunity to choose something on both continents. However, I found that Uppababy Vista was the most popular stroller online.

Why Is Uppababy Vista So Popular?

After I started researching strollers, I discovered that most Americans have Uppababy strollers. In Europe, it’s Bugaboo or BabyzenYiyo. Uppababy Vista is featured in every American television series and movie about babies. You’ll quickly notice the design once you get to know it.

As a mom, I was struck by how many mothers with babies were walking around Boston in this stroller. 90% of them had the Emmett green version. It’s not surprising that every mom who gets a baby is thinking this stroller must be the best.

The only problem is the price. Uppababy Vista is about $1000. We didn’t want any car seat adapters so we got the Uppababy Mesa carseat. The total cost came to $1280, which is not bad.

Why is UPPAbaby Vista So Expensive?

Uppababy Vista luxury stroller comes with a variety of accessories, including a baby bassinet (which is something Americans don’t get as many Americans keep their newborns in car seats), rain covers, and bug nets to protect the seat and bassinet.

Many people compare it to Mockingbird stroller. However, even though I do not recommend Vista overall, I have to say that Mockingbird isn’t even close. A detailed review was done on it to explain why.

It is well made, easy to see and comes with a very long warranty. I have also used their customer support three times, and it was flawless in the US.

The company’s strange recall of the Uppababy Knox car seats last year is a sign that they are now questionable. It was recalled very quietly and it has been redesigned.

One thing to note about Uppababy car seat – particularly Uppababy Mea (models Henry & Jordan), because of its innovative use Merino wool, these seats have passed federal safety standards without using toxic flame retardants. This is a great development, as many baby products in the US are laden with toxic chemicals.

My husband and I were initially very happy with our Uppababy Vista stroller. However, after 3 months, we became extremely frustrated with it and our husband quit using it after 5 months.

Our Vista was rarely used anymore, and when I realized that purchasing Uppababy Vista for a double stroller was a greater mistake, I sold it quickly.

Although Uppababy Vista is a great stroller, I don’t think it’s a good choice for doubles. Below is a very honest review of what I liked and disliked about the Uppababy Vista.

Uppababy Vista vs Cruz

Uppababy Cruz has a reason why it is less expensive. It is only able to fit one child and does not come with a bassinet as Vista.

Vista was designed to hold one additional child. Vista’s back wheels are larger because of this, but they still look very similar. The giant Vista rear wheels are not necessary unless you plan to go on muddy mountain hikes .

Both were available to me side-by-side as my close friends who had the Uppababycruz v2 stroller. You can save about $150 if you only plan to have one child.

Pros & Minor Cons of Uppababy Vista v2 Stroller

Maneuverability and Design

Design by Uppababy Vista is amazing. It is easy to see the sturdy nature of the stroller and the smoothness it has with its wheel suspension.

This handlebar is amazing! It’s strong, durable, and doesn’t get stuck. The handlebar is also covered in waterproof leather.

The footrest on the seat is not included (read more in the Traveling with Uppababy Vista Section below).

It is an all-terrain stroller that can withstand uneven sidewalks and cobblestones. It runs as smooth as Baby Jogger City MINI GT2, which is meant for off-roading.

The brake system works well enough. The brake system has a red and green indicator that tells parents when the brake is engaged, released, or retracted.

It doesn’t always lock or unlock. However, that is a problem with every stroller I’ve ever tried (and I tried many!). It’s not fair to complain about it. Overall, this is quite impressive.

Weight & Size

Here is where Vista’s problems began. Uppababy Vista weighs in at 27 lbs, with one seat. A bassinet adds a little more. The stroller is very heavy.

It’s very easy to push the stroller around and it doesn’t feel heavy, but once you lift it it can be a hassle for one child.

At first glance, you might wonder “Why would I need to lift the stroller?” but it is necessary on many occasions, particularly in Europe. It takes most apartments a few steps to reach the elevator. Not all buses have easy access. You also need to fold the stroller and lift it to put it in your car trunk.

Once the baby was older than 6 months, it was impossible for me to lift the stroller by myself. I had to assist the baby with the back.

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We and our friends who bought the Cruz also gave up the strollers and called them monster trucks. Because in Europe, these strollers are too large to fit through most doors. You can also use elevators.

It was still a struggle to get to the hotel in Rome. I had to take the stroller out, fold it and hold the baby while trying to lift it into the elevator. You can’t even go through check out if your monster truck is too small to carry the baby.

I have yet to find an SUV or mini-van that fits Vista. It folds down to a huge with one seat (25.7” x 17.3″ x 33′(WxLxH). We rented many cars all over the globe, and each time we had a regular 5-door vehicle we had to take out the larger rear wheels of the Vista in order to fit it into the trunk. The trunk wouldn’t close because it was too large.

Although removing wheels is an easy task, it’s not something you’d want to do every time it rains, snows, or gets muddy.


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