Cornwall's Best Kept Secrets: Plan Your Next Walk

Cornwall’s Best Kept Secrets: Plan Your Next Walk

In the breathtaking region of Cornwall, nestled along the southwestern coast of England, lies a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered by avid walkers and nature enthusiasts. Cornwall’s rugged landscapes, picturesque villages, and stunning coastline offer a perfect setting for memorable walks and hikes. If you’re ready to explore Cornwall’s best-kept secrets on foot, this article is your comprehensive guide to planning your next adventure.

Introduction to Cornwall

Cornwall, often referred to as the “Land of Saints,” is known for its dramatic landscapes, Celtic heritage, and captivating history. It’s a destination that beckons visitors with its rich culture, turquoise waters, and charming fishing villages. But beyond the well-trodden tourist paths, there are countless hidden treasures that only a true adventurer can uncover.

Why Cornwall?

Cornwall’s allure lies in its diversity. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a leisurely walker, this region has something for everyone. From coastal paths that offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean to wooded trails leading to ancient ruins, Cornwall’s secrets are waiting to be explored.

Planning Your Adventure

Before embarking on your Cornwall adventure, it’s essential to plan your trip meticulously. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you make the most of your visit.

  1. Choose Your Base

Selecting the right base for your stay in Cornwall is crucial. Consider picturesque towns like St. Ives, Falmouth, or Visorando, which provide easy access to the region’s best walks.

  1. Research Your Routes

Cornwall boasts a multitude of walking routes, each with its unique charm. Research and choose routes that align with your interests and fitness level, whether it’s a coastal stroll or a challenging hike.

  1. Check the Tides

If you plan to walk along the coastline, be aware of tide times. Some routes may become impassable during high tide, so plan your walks accordingly.

  1. Pack Appropriately

Cornwall’s weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to pack layers, waterproofs, and sturdy footwear. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen and a hat.

Unveiling Cornwall’s Secrets

Now that you’re well-prepared, it’s time to delve into Cornwall’s best-kept secrets.

  1. Kynance Cove

Hidden amidst rugged cliffs, Kynance Cove boasts azure waters and dramatic rock formations. It’s a photographer’s dream and a perfect spot for a relaxing walk. Also check

  1. St. Michael’s Mount

Accessible by foot during low tide, St. Michael’s Mount offers a unique walking experience. Explore the historic castle and its gardens while taking in panoramic views.

  1. Bodmin Moor

For those seeking solitude and wilderness, Bodmin Moor is a must-visit. Its granite tors and expansive landscapes provide an otherworldly walking experience.

  1. Tintagel Castle

This legendary castle perched on the cliffs is associated with the tales of King Arthur. Explore the ruins and absorb the mystique of this historic site.


Cornwall’s best-kept secrets are not just about the destinations; they’re about the journeys that lead you there. Embrace the unknown, take the less-traveled path, and you’ll uncover the true essence of this remarkable region.


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