Who is Matt Susz?

Have you ever heard of Matt Susz? If not, you’re missing out! Matt Susz is a multi-talented entrepreneur, investor, and mentor who has made a lasting mark on the business world. In this blog post, we’ll learn all about him—his journey to success and his best business advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Matt Susz’s Story

Matt was born in Michigan, but he grew up in California. He had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age and started selling candy at school when he was just 8 years old. By the time he graduated high school, Matt had already developed several successful businesses. After high school, he gained valuable experience working in the private sector before eventually starting his own company.

In 2011, Matt founded his first venture capital firm which helped finance over 50 companies. His success as an investor led him to launch two additional venture capital funds over the next few years. Today, Matt is one of the most sought-after investors in Silicon Valley with investments in some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Aside from investing in startups, Matt also offers mentorship services to entrepreneurs looking for guidance on starting their own businesses or growing existing ones. He’s a frequent speaker at tech events and actively shares his knowledge through various online platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn Pulse.

Best Business Advice from Matt Susz

1) Believe in Yourself – The most successful entrepreneurs are those that have faith in themselves and never give up even when faced with difficult challenges. According to Matt, “Believe first before anyone else does – it will be your secret sauce to success.”

2) Take Action – It’s easy to get caught up planning but don’t forget that taking action is necessary for achieving your goals. As Matt says: “Ideas without execution are worth nothing; execution without ideas can lead you down a dead-end street.”

3) Focus on Your Customers – Many entrepreneurs forget that their customers are their bread and butter so it pays off to focus on delivering value by understanding their needs and wants better than anyone else can provide them with what they need or want. As Matt puts it: “Your customer should always come first – if they don’t feel taken care of then no amount of marketing will help grow your business.”

4) Invest in Quality Talent – Finding quality talent can be challenging but it pays off to invest time into hiring great people who can help take your business to new heights as they bring fresh perspectives and skillsets that can help move your business forward quickly and efficiently. As per Matt: “Invest heavily into finding top talent – you’ll never regret having great people on board.”


The story of entrepreneur, investor, and mentor Matt Susz is truly inspiring! From selling candy bars at 8 years old to establishing three different venture capital firms today, it’s clear that with hard work anything is possible! Not only has he been successful as an investor but also as a mentor offering valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs around the world such as believing in yourself first before anyone else does, taking action instead of just planning too much time away, focusing on customers first at all times instead of just marketing strategies alone, and lastly investing heavily into finding top talent so you never have regrets down the line! Thanks for reading about who is matt susz!

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