Thom Scher Obituary – A Tribute to a Creative Visionary

Thom Scher Obituary – A Tribute to a Creative Visionary

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Thom Scher, a renowned visual artist whose work changed the way people think about art. His captivating pieces spoke to his audience in a deeply personal way, always leaving them with something special to take away from it. Let’s explore why Thom was so special and how his work will live on for generations.

Thom’s Artistic Vision and Impact

Thom was known for his ability to capture complex emotions in an easily understandable format. His artworks were often rooted in surrealism and focused on exploring human nature in all its forms. He had an innate understanding of how colors affect our moods, which he used to bring out the heart of any piece he worked on. Through his art, Thom showed us what it means to be alive and connected to others.

Thom touched so many lives through his art, inspiring them to question their own beliefs and preconceived notions about life. He believed that art should be accessible for everyone; this idea inspired him to create a variety of mediums for people to enjoy, including digital paintings, sculptures, 3D prints, and even jewelry designs. He also hosted workshops at various art institutions around the world where he shared his creative process with aspiring artists. His passion for teaching was contagious as it motivated people to challenge themselves while learning new techniques that they could apply in their own work.

The Legacy Of Thom Scher 

Though he is no longer here with us physically, we can still feel Thom’s presence through his artwork which continues to spread joy and inspiration across the globe. His legacy will live on forever through all those who experienced the beauty behind his creations or were touched by it indirectly. We are grateful for having been able to witness such a remarkable artist who brought so much beauty into our lives!


Thom Scher was an incredible artist who left behind a lasting impact on our world through his captivating works that spoke directly to our souls. We honor him today by reflecting on the beauty he brought into our lives as well as celebrating all that he achieved throughout his career as a visual artist. May we continue spreading joy through the power of creativity just like Thom did!

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