How Can a DUI Affect Your Medical License in Georgia?

How Can a DUI Affect Your Medical License in Georgia?

Many people have driven a car after having had one or more alcoholic drinks. It is usually a reckless, careless, or naive decision. We believe that alcohol and medications will not affect our driving abilities. Our driving is not likely to be noticed by the police. We often underestimate the consequences of drinking. Police and other drivers who call 911 do not notice our driving. It is difficult to drink and drive in Georgia due to the numerous legal checkpoints. Georgia has some of the most stringent DUI laws in the country. This is a high-risk situation, and penalties can be severe for those with Medical license lawyer.

Minimum penalties for a first DUI conviction are:

$300 fine, 24 hour incarceration, 12-month suspension of driver’s licence with possibly limited permit, risk reduction program, community work, and a mental assessment

Minimum penalties for a second DUI conviction are:

A $600 fine, 72 hour incarceration, 3-year DL suspend with possible ignition interruption device. Community services, a risk reduction programme, a mental assessment, probation and a requirement that you pay for publication of a notice in the local media.

Minimum penalties for a third DUI conviction are:

An $1000 fine, 15 days incarceration and 3-year DL revocation are some of the penalties. Community services include a mental evaluation, probation and payment for publication of a notice in the local media.

Minimum penalties for a fourth and subsequent DUI conviction can be:

An $1000 fine, 90-day incarceration, 5-year driver’s license revocation and risk reduction program. Community service is required. A mental evaluation is mandatory. Probation is also required.

Add court costs and fees to the cost of each infraction. Also, consider lost time of production, loss from friends, partners, colleagues, peers, patients and family members, as well as time spent in prison and going before the court. Rescheduling your day to meet the mandatory minimum imprisonment time is a problem for medical professionals. While you may be able make excuses the first time, the truth might not be revealed. The second and subsequent arrests, however, will be made public in the local media, which you paid for.

Are you being charged with a misdemeanor or a high and aggravated misdemeanor?

Each criminal case is assessed based on its specific facts. The District Attorney must have certain facts in order to charge the case as a high-aggravated or a felony. Drivers must not be able to drive because they have used drugs, alcohol, inhalants or any combination thereof. The first and second offenses will be considered misdemeanors. The third and fourth offenses will be considered high and aggravated misdemeanors.

If any of these conditions are present, you will be charged with the felony along with your misdemeanor DUI offense:

  • The impaired driver is a minor younger than 14 years old.
  • An accident caused serious bodily injuries.
  • Fourth DUI conviction in 10 years, with three previous convictions.

These penalties, restrictions and repercussions apply to anyone who is arrested for a DUI offense. It is not clear how this will affect your medical license. That will be determined by the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

What is The Georgia Composite Medical Board?

The Georgia Composite Medical Board has 11 physicians, 2 ODs and 1 PA or NP. There are also 2 consumer advocates. The GCMB regulates and Nurse license lawyer, permits, certificates, registrations and certificates for Georgia’s medical practitioners. You can find a link to the Patient Right to Know Act on their Laws page. Sections 11-13 provide information about criminal convictions. You must sign the original license paperwork to become a GA physician.

You should notify the GCMB if you get a DUI as a medical practitioner. Even if your practice is the most loved and well-respected in Georgia, there will always be a disgruntled former employee or jealous competitor who will report you. The Board can issue any of these punishments to medical professionals who hold a GA license.

  • Probation, suspension and revocations of certificates, permits, or licenses
  • Practice limitations or additional training required in the specific area of expertise
  • Review patient records and request competency hearings
  • You can either impose a monetary penalty or request reimbursement for investigation costs.
  • Require a public or private reprimand

Be honest when applying for a new license to Georgia from The Board. They will check your background and find any record of your arrest. If you try to hide the fact, it will make matters worse.

Georgia Composite Medical Board may decide that you are “unable practice medicine with reasonable skill and security due to drug and alcohol abuse.” This statute allows the GCMB to suspend or revoke your Georgia license to practice medicine. All of these actions can be reported to national boards. This makes it difficult to obtain licensure in other states.

If you are able to continue your medical practice, or in another state, a DUI can result in a higher premium for your malpractice insurance. You will see an increase in your auto, boat, or other recreational vehicle premiums. Your practice and bank accounts will be affected by additional DUI convictions.


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